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上海交响乐团音乐厅 - Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Hall
Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Hall

District: Shanghai-Xuhui District

Address:  No. 1380 Fuxing Road (M)

Postal Code: 200031

Category: Theatre、Indoor

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Shanghai Symphony Hall


Playing in an independently-owned, high quality concert hall is an honor and a dream for all world-class orchestras. The opening of the Shanghai Symphony Hall in September 2014 represents an important step in the orchestra’s path to becoming a globally recognized symphony orchestra. The Hall was designed with strict adherence to acoustic science guidelines and draws inspiration from some of the world’s top concert halls, which enables it ranked as one of China’s, and even the world’s best concert halls, bringing Asia's oldest orchestra new vitality.


The Shanghai Symphony Orchestra cultivates communication between Eastern and Western culture through the universal language of music and in doing so resonates within the depths of every individual. The Shanghai Symphony Hall engages more people and transforms music into an entirely new experience with rich content and styling.


As the home of the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra and the Shanghai Orchestra Academy, the Shanghai Symphony Hall contains two separate performance spaces: the concert Hall which seats 1200 and the chamber music hall which seats 400. The hall serves as a place of performance, rehearsal, recording, education, international competition, exhibition and artistic events. This Orchestra-venue integration model greatly facilitates the cooperation between the Orchestra and top international musicians as well as global arts institutions, effectively enhancing the Orchestra's position and influence on the world stage. With the establishment of the hall, the orchestra has become a symbol of the rising cultural force and influence of both China and Asia.


A center for cultural living


The Shanghai Symphony Hall will be open to the public year around, rather than only during performances. Enjoying a concert, a movie, a book or even an interactive game here allows people to form a deeper connection with music and experience the true meaning of life.


A stage for melodic intimacy


Determined to become the best concert hall and recording studio in China, the Shanghai Symphony Hall was designed by world-class architectural acoustics master Yasuhisa Toyota and postmodern architect Arata Isozaki, which in its design charms audiences by bringing them the most intimate melodic experience. Through professional acoustic planning and theater design, both the concert Hall and chamber music hall offer an optimal audio and visual experience from any direction. The artists’ performance and the acoustics of the surround theatre blend together into one presentation, immersing the audience in exquisite music manifestation.


A landmark for diverse art


This is not only a place for music: the Shanghai Symphony Hall will bring together a range of fine arts. The hall will present the essence of Chinese and Western culture to everyone in the city, bringing about cultural charm in a musical atmosphere. As an important cultural landmark in the city, the hall, along with the neighboring Shanghai Conservatory of Music, will become an "Emerging Chinese Music Center" comparable to New York's Lincoln Center.


A platform for music education


With the mission of cultivating top symphonic talent and improving the music accomplishments of Chinese people, the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra will hold a series of music education and popularization programs in the newly established hall. The "Shanghai Orchestra Academy" in collaboration with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra and the Shanghai Conservatory of Music will be established here to both provide students collaborative experience with other global orchestras and foster musical talent across Asia and the world. Meanwhile, the hall will feature a museum and a music experience center that provide open music education and seminars, encouraging the whole city to understand and appreciate the allure of music.