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Address: No. 425 Dingxiang Road, Pudong, Shanghai CHINA
Zipcode: 200135
Area: Shanghai - Pudong New District
Seating Plan: Concert Hall Opera Hall Performance Hall
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Shanghai Oriental Art Center


1, Blossoming Butterfly Orchid

Located in the administrative and cultural center of Pudong New Area, Shanghai Oriental Art Center is the east starting point of Shanghai cultural axis in the new round of cultural layout. With an investment of 1 billion RMB by Shanghai Municipal Government and Pudong New Area Administration, Shanghai Oriental Art Center is one of the most important symbolic cultural projects. It occupies a total area of nearly 40,000 square meters and is designed by Paul Andreu, the famous

French architect. The construction started on 26th March 2002 and was finished with the grand New Year Concert as its Opening Ceremony on 31st December 2004, which marked the beginning of its trial operation. And its official operation is dated on 1st July 2005.

Viewed from above, Shanghai Oriental Art Center is just like five blossoming petals, which constitute respectively the entrance hall, Oriental Performance Hall, Oriental Concert Hall, Exhibition Hall and Oriental Opera Hall, forming a beautiful butterfly orchid in full bloom.

2, New Managing Model

In September 2003, the owner of Shanghai Oriental Art Center began to look for the operator nationwide through public bidding. Poly Culture and Arts Co., Ltd., with its mighty power and rich resources, succeeded in the bidding, and later in collaboration with Shanghai Wenhui-Xinmin United Press Group, funded and established Shanghai Oriental Art Center Management Company Ltd, taking charge of the management and operating of all halls and relevant facilities attached in this center. This new managing mechanism produced by the cooperation of Beijing and Shanghai cultural groups is the first of its kind in China. It will be beneficial to the share of cultural resources and the establishment of "China Brand".

3, Ideality and Prospects

To shape the Oriental Art Center into a new cultural world where the audience enjoy arts and services, the new arts standard of "being nationally leading, first class in Asia and internationally well-known" is the prospects of Shanghai Oriental Art Center.

The center will attract excellent artists both home and abroad rushing here to fulfill their own fancy art concepts with its most advanced and fully contained equipments and facilities as well as the internationalized, professionalized and standardized running efficiency. Furthermore, the center will entertain its guests and friends with its kind and considerate services in accordance with their needs.

Meanwhile, a series of art activities such as art lectures, training, competition and saloon will be held here.

4, New Concept of Construction

Overlooked afar, Shanghai Oriental Art Center looks like a butterfly orchid in the shape of a dark green bowl. The ceiling of the center is adorned with more than 880 high-tech inlaid lights, whose color will change with melodic tunes played inside, presenting a luminous and dynamic view of the center at night.

The unique designing concept of Andreu is fully displayed inner the construction. When stepping into the center, one will feel himself placed in a flourish forest. The black granite ground is like the earth in the woods; the stairs are like the path up to the mountain; porcelain accessories in rich colors and luster on the wall just stand for the cortices of old trees; and transparent round lights hanging high and low seem to be the bubbles rising from the lake or the dew dropping from the treetop in the morning. In the vast cloister, the steel girders, stretching highly into the sky, symbolize the trees in the woods fully extending their branches. Penetrating the metal-layered glass screen walls, the sunshine turns into sheaves of sunlight, softly irradiating the "woods". The brilliance of the designer is also shown in the fact that all these are not only simple description of natural sceneries but the display of the free and animated impression of woods by highly abstracted art method, making the people in the city engaged in nature by heart.

The Center is a masterpiece of post-modern construction concept. Its whole design represents the most fashionable style while boasting richest cultural favor in current world, i.e. the returning to nature. Appreciating music in such an environment is fairly a kind of enjoyment for developing temperament. The simplicity and refinement of art are integrated and spurting here.

Shanghai Oriental Art Center at Night

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