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Xintiandi UME International Cineplex
Address: 5th Floor, No. 6 Lane 123 Xinye Road, Shanghai CHINA
Zipcode: 200021
Area: Shanghai - Huangpu District

“UME International Cineplex” is founded and run by Mr. Ng See Yuen, the most outstanding film producer and director in Hong Kong. UME stands to become an instant star with its unique decoration and top of the line cinema technology.

To become a competitive brand cinema, UME will present you with both modern and classic films and will from time to time organize some special film events as well, which will highlight the Cineplex. With what we have at present and what we will offer in the near future, it is bound to be one of the most popular Cineplex for our movie goers in Shanghai. What we made during the National Holidays just gave a grounded proof for its must-be-promising prospects.

Movies are an art form that functions as both culture and entertainment. Our mission is to enliven moviegoer’s senses with mostly original English language screenings in an environment of great comfort and superb technology, at all international standards. What’s more, to promote interest in first-rate cinema, a film quiz will take place before every viewing, adding a little enlightenment to local film culture.

Located in Xintiandi, the most attractive and beautiful entertainment community with stylish bars, fashion boutiques and famous restaurants, UME set up 6 auditoriums with screens imported from England, providing you with the most superior effects. Each auditorium adopt a different theme color, creating a lively and cheerful tone for movie patrons. Moreover, the armchairs here have been devised to match your body at full stretch in which you will enjoy yourself while screening.

UME is an acronym for Ultimate Movie Experience. The experience begins as one arrives at the fourth floor and is greeted with a series of beautiful large scale movie posters encompassing classics like Casablanca and Gone with the Wind, to name a few. Among these cinematic symbols of nostalgia, there are two rarities that have been donated by film superstar Jackie Chan.

UME holds not only the famous “Walk of Fame” with the superstar’s autographs and handprints, but also the post gallery of classic movies catching your eyes at all time. As a matter of fact, UME is more than a cinema functionally, not to mention our coffee bar boasts its unique design and elegant style. Therefore, it will be a perfect venue for business affair and mini banquet also. Now, UME is opened to the public and has highlighted Xintiandi for its modern and fashionable sense of style. And whether lying in its adjustable lazy-boy seats or huddling your sweetheart in a “lovers seat”, you are ready to take off on the phenomenal UME flight. We believe that it will refresh the film market in Shanghai and even the film market in the while China in the near future .

Box Office Business Hours: 9:00AM-6:00PM (Saturday, Sunday & National Holiday:9:00AM-5:00PM)
Address: No. 272 Fengxian Road, Shanghai CHINA (temporary moved to 3rd floor, No. 258 Fengxian Rd.) | Zipcode: 200041 | Email: Email:
Booking Hotline: (86-21) 62172426 62173055 | Fax: 86-21-62182634
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